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Vacation Storm

This storm rolled into Rehoboth Beach, DE, late Sunday morning.

The video really doesn’t do it justice.  At the height of the hailstorm the iceballs ranged from the size of marbles to some that were as big as a supeball.  And they were pounding us, probably for about 20 minutes.  I didn’t think the windows were going to make it and I was surprised to see our rental car was undamaged.  Now, there isn’t a lot of extreme weather where I live in the Northeast; a few good nor’easters each year and the rare hurricane that manages to hold together for the trip up the east coast is about it.   So I guess I’m probably easily impressed, all the hail I’ve ever seen were little pellets.

Didn’t ruin the day, the storm clouds passed over us in under two hours.   And I think the boardwalk and beach were a lot less crowded than usual for the rest of the day.


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