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Kiwi!/Jules Mashup

Kiwi! was an animated short that went viral fairly early in the era of Youtube.

I’d never seen this version until someone brought it to my attention very recently, but the short was set to Gary Jules’ cover of Mad World only a few months later.

Probably old news for most but I loved it and had to share:


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Ever wondered what name is behind some obscure gmail address? Maybe your preferred gmail address was taken and you’re wondering who took it?
Here’s a cute vulnerability in the gmail system that comes from the strong tie-ins between gmail, the google calendar and all the other services.

I’m not sure how cute I think this is. I use gmail for my primary email account, though my address is my first and last name @gmail, so I’m already vulnerable to any nefarious schemes this loophole exposes everyone else to, at least anyone who uses their real name to register a gmail account.

Securiteam also notes:

If you are getting personalized emails from spammers to your gmail account, here’s an idea on how they got your name.

H/T Slashdot via Holden’s Blog.

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